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About Bastet's Beads 

Who is Bastet's Beads?

You may wonder at the name. Bastet was an ancient Egyptian cat goddess and we have a few cats. That plus my love of beads and jewelry making led me to name my business Bastet's Beads.

My obsession for the past 20 years has been handmade glass beads, called lampwork since the process used to take place over a bunsen burner type lamp. Thankfully we have fuel driven torches for this now!


I make these beads with a variety of glasses such as Effetre glass from Italy, Gaffer Glass from New Zealand and American silver rich glass. They are made one bead at a time, placed directly in a hot kiln to strengthen. Then they are cooled, cleaned, photographed and kissed by our resident cat fairies before being sent to their new homes.

Now on to some very old nitty gritty details about me. Here is a list of the professional instruction I have had over the years.

  • December 2005- Michael Barley

  • May 2005 - Andrea Guarino-Slemmons

  • April 2003- Leah Fairbanks

  • January 2003- Larry Scott

  • December 2001- Molly Heynis

I've also been published from time to time, appeared on television on a show called Crafters Coast to Coast and won a National Bead Arts Award.


  • Crafters Coast to Coast 2006

  • Belle Armoire- Fall 2005

  • Lapidary Journal-  October 2005

  • Step By Step Beads- September  2005

  • Lapidary Journal Bead Arts Competition- 1st Place lampwork category - 2005

  • Exhibition Of Contemporary American Glass Beads, participant- traveling exhibition: Best Bead Artists

  • Interview- Glass Craftsman,  October 2004.

  • Double Rainbow Exhibition, ISGB Gathering July-August 2004.

  • Fire Mountain Gems Annual Catalog, 2004 issue.

  • Spotlight by Corina Tettinger, Hollow Beads and Vessel Issue, 2003.

  • Belle Armoire, Spring 2003 Issue.

  • Austin Community College Spring Art Exhibition, May-June 2002

My entry for the 2005 Lapidary Journal Bead Arts Award- 1st Place

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